My review to Spider-Verse



What can I say? It’s 50/50

Spider-Verse a little bit reminds me my fav game about Spidey - Shattered Dimesion. I love this game cause I can play as Spider-Man from other worlds with different personalities.

But here Peter still…. You know what?! I love first comics Ultimate Spider-Man! And I was disapointed! I wanted to see a real drama! Like in 90’s. Why Disney can’t to do the same things like Transformers Prime? I am not impressed abour cartoonish Spider-Verse.

Now about characters.


I don’t know so much about Miquel (I began to read about him in new comics where he stucks in our time), but he is more serious than Peter. I really love him. Too bad we know about him too little and he is weak. I heard he is stronger than Peter.


HORRIBLE!!! I wanted to see Peter’s daughter. It’s could be more interesting. But here… She is so… feminism. Also I hate her world. There boys… are weak! I love strong women, but those women are really horrible. Spider-Girl’s name is Petra and she has a real problem with boys. I could understand if her world would look like our world. But here… WOMEN RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love this Spider-Man too. He is older and darker. He reminds me Batman. He sacrifisied his family and Mary Jane to keep them save. Noir is much better than any Spider-Man. I hate to see his “friendship”, because we can see that he really loves her. They are not friends. They are couple. A real couple! Peter, you are an idiot!!!! But I love Spider-Man Noir. And he came back to Mary Jane, I wish to see their love story)))


He annoies me. He is more cartoonish. And his backstory is very stupid. But I love his “Spider-Ham no more”. His world very very cartoonish. And I would like to see this freak less than ever.


3rd my fav Spidey. He is a real warrior. He is like Toa and Autobot. I don’t know about him so much, but I would like to see him more in Web-Warriors. I love that he doesn’t know so much about science. Please, make spin-off. I know you love knights.


Miles is very young. He acts likes 13 old teenagers. He blames himself that he couldn’t save the 1st Spider-Man, because he was scared. He doesn’t know what to do to make it right. I love this guy too. He is so kind)))

The end… well I wouldn’t complain until I saw Spider-Ham in the end (like Loony Toons). This sucks. But some Spider-Men are interersting. I would like to see them in more episodes or spin-offs. Nice Spideys are: 2099, Noir, Knight and Miles.
Annoying: Peter, Petra and Spider-Ham.

 As I said - 50/50


I like Iron Fist. He is teenager in ultimate spiderman TV series.

But in Disney infinity, His chin is too loooong. Oh my Got . My Got… :O





((Seriously. These two were perfect. Orareperfect. You can hardly tell which is which.))


"You got something against triangles?"

"Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors" - Ep. 5, Clip 1




Anonymous asked: hey do you know how many parts of spider verse came out already can you post the links to them?


all of them are out online, and you can watch them here and here!

Part 1 features Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Girl

Part 2 features Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Ham

Part 3 features Spyder-Knight and Miles Morales

And part 4 has all of them!

I hope you guys enjoy watching the episodes! :)


Just a little reminder for everybody: I know most of the season 3 episodes are already online, but it would be great if you guys could also watch them when they air on TV, so the ratings go up and we can hopefully get a season 4 as well!